Friday, November 20, 2015

What's New!

Before I say anything I want to apologize for the lack of blog posting. It has been awhile and the only thing I can say is, it's very hard to remember to set aside time to write a blog in a busy life..but.. it needs to be prioritized better. But, wow does life fly by so quickly and I'm trying to remember everything that God has done in the last couple of months. Let's start in September.

First thing I would like to share with you, is how God has been growing the discipleship part of my ministry which is the most important part of my ministry. God has been just really been showing me what discipleship looks like and the importance of discipleship. I am very excited to see how God will continue to grow this side of my ministry. Andrea and Kelin, the two ladies I disciple in Honduras, are just so eager to learn and grow in Gods word. I feel so inadequite at times but I know God has called me and I know God will equip me. I have been challenging my ladies to really be bold in the Lord and know who they are in Christ and I love seeing the Lord grow them in this area. Andrea and Kelin are going against the grain of their culture...a culture that is very use to hand outs by missionaries, which us missionaries have created. Andrea and Kelin have started their own ministries in their own village, every Monday's they teacha  crochet class with around 20 ladies and at the end Kelins shares Gods truth from His word directly. I am so proud of them, and so happy to see them stepping up and taking leadership in this area. I remind them daily that as I am teaching them they will go out and make disciples of their own. These ladies have started a discipleship study group every Friday, they have about 1 woman that comes consistently, and I am very proud of their desire to be Biblical. Please be praying the Lord continues to guide me and lead me on how to disciple these ladies and others, and pray the Lord continues to reveal Himself to them.  

If you follow my ministry FB page you probably saw that Rhonda Robinson, my hormone doctor came down mid September and for 5 days spoke to large groups of women about hormone imbalance and we have consultations with about 100 women, it was an incredible time. These women were so eager to learn and get help, it was truly an amazing experience. The Lord has just opened a door wide open for the opportunity to provide natural hormone help, and I'm excited to see where it goes. It has been a blessing having her partner with me to better the health of these ladies, we are exteremly blessed to have her with us. After going through the hardship I went through and God bringing Rhonda into my life, I knew God was going to do something! We are now helping around 50 women from all over Honduras with their hormones, they are using natural progesterone cream, and taking natural supplements to get them balanced, can't believe God allowed me to lead this! 

Something else new that happened this past September was that I got engaged to Coy Davis, my boyfriend of a year and five months! I was very surprised and excited!!!! We are planning on getting married this coming April, and I couldn't be more excited about starting our life and ministry together. The Lord has done so much in our lives by bringing us together, we are complete opposites in every way, but God knew what he was doing because we help each other in areas that each of us struggle in. I know God has a huge plan for our lives, and marriage.

As I am writing this blog all I can think about is prayer.. 
I am sending this out seeking prayer from all who read this. A lot of change is happening in my life right now, and I am trying my best to just lean on Christ and trust Him fully with EVERYTHING! Marriage is a huge step, and I know God is giving me peace, but it's still scary..and I couldn't ask for a better man to be my husband. But I still seek prayer, protection over our relationship during this time, their is nothing the enemy wants  more is to not have a Godly marriage to please be praying strongly against the lies and attacks of the biggests liar of them all. Also be praying that we grow closer during this time, and we are prepared for marriage. Also, pray for our future marriage, just God will be the center of it all, and will continue to be center until we die. Also be praying for our ministries in Honduras, and the protection around those as well.. I have had fear the past couple of days about my money for my ministry, just monthly support and needing a car for my ministry, and I am continously reminded that God  is a God of the impossible and He can do all things, and to trust. Please pray trust over my mind and life and pray the Lord provides my financial needs. Thank You! 

Also, I am wanting to share this because it's a need. I am going to be in the states till end of January, and I am need opportunities to share my heart and needs infront of people. If you could be praying about if you think you have that exact opportunity for me, I am wanting to expand my network and get the word out at what God is doing in Honduras and how God is growing the women of Honduras, so if you feel like you can help me please contact me. God has called me to Honduras, and maybe God is laying it on your heart to help. Thank you for your continual prayer, your continual encouragment, and continual support. I'm excited for this next year and I'm excited to see what God is going to do. 

Morgan Feazel
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Month of June

Beginning this blog I would like to apologize because it has been long time since I last wrote a blog. I have been so busy and exhausted and I'm not gonna lie it's hard to find the will power to sit down and type when you have free time. Because when you do all I want to do is sleep haha but I am going to try and get better.

I dont even know where to begin, this past month has been a crazy rollercoster moving so fast. I would like to begin with sharing what the Lord has been teaching me and showing me. First, He asks me almost on a daily basis "Are you seeking My approval Morgan or peoples?" So, He has been challenging me in that area of my life, and I desire to be obedient. When I can see myself growing closer and closer to the Father that I never imagined I could, is when I start to hear the enemies lies going through my mind.."you can't do this, you will always seek peoples approval before Gods".."you will always be afraid".." you can't have a women's ministry".." you are a failure" I'm just getting bombed with these lies and others on a daily basis. The enemy is a liar and he desires to destroy anything that gives God glory. God has been leading me to His word, His promises, His truth to speak that into my life to fight the lies, so I'm thankful for the attacks, I'm thankful for the hardship because I know it is drawing me closer and closer to the Father and He will recieve the glory. I wanted to share all this with you first so that you can please be covering me in your prayers, knowing I have Brothers and Sisters in Christ praying for me, my ministry, my relationship, my mind, my monthly support, and my walk with the Lord is very comforting and encouraging. 

The most recent event that has happened within my ministry was this past Saturday. Me, and four 4 other ladies that I am discipling went to visit a young lady (Wendy) who recently had surgery to have part of a tumor removed in the front of her head. The surgery was very serious, and the situation is very serious. The Doctor was unable to remove the tumor completely, and there is exsisting tumor left in the back of her head and she is having to take medication to prevent that tumor from spreading. If it spreads she could start have seizures and having serious mental damage it's a very scary situation, and my heart broke for her and her family. I had the blessing of talking with and praying with the mother of Wendy, and I was able to encourage her that eventhough things seem so dark that our Lord always has a plan and we CAN trust that! Also, I shared with my 4 ladies that I would like for us to lay hands on Wendy and pray for her and two of them (Kelin and Andrea) stepped up and wanted to pray over her. During that prayer God stopped me and I couldn't believe that God was using me to disciple and lead these women, and seeing them step up, lead, and their passion for the Lord made me feel like I was doing something right in discipling. It was a pretty awesome realization and moment! 

Recently I have started a ministry of teaching women how to make jewelry so they can sale and make money for themselves and families, and it has been a huge success. The women love it, and truly enjoy it. I want to thank all my monthly supporters, because without y'all I would not be able to fund this jewelry ministry and not be able to teach these women a skill to help themselves financially. It brings me such joy seeing these ladies grow and learn, they have such a desire to learn new ways to make some extra money. 

About two weeks ago, we did ministry in a village that is about two hours away from Tegucigalpa, and I had been told of a young lady who has horomone problems, and is so bad off that she is suicidal. When we arrived in the village I immediately set up a consulation with her (Maura) because I wanted to her to know I can and will help her. When we first met with her and I was asking her all kinds of questions regarding her syptoms and different things and I could hear the Lord telling me "Morgan, you are not just here to help her with her horomones..share the MOST important thing with her..Christ." So, I was obedient and me and another girl who was with me shared the love of God with Maura. By the end of an almost 2 hour conversation I gained a new Sister in Christ, and what an amazing moment that was. During the week I continued to go back to her house everyday at the same time, and we read Gods word together and prayed together. We were also able to have her fill out a survey from my hormone doctor for her to be able to start treating her. Speaking with a young lady who is a leader in the local church about wanting to continue to disciple her and she was very excited about doing so. So she attended our Bible study groups to get to know her better, so she can start discipling Maura. Also, this coming week I will be recieving her horomone treatment and will be delivering that to her as soon as I can! 

While on the topic of hormones, my horomone doctor.. Rhonda Robinson, is coming September 11th-16th to share with ladies all over Honduras from village ladies to missionary ladies. We will be speaking in different areas of Honduras about Hormones and Hormone Imbalance, then whichever ladies feel like they would like to have a one on one consultation with Rhonda, and we will get that set up so we can begin to help her. I know this is one of the reasons God had me go through what I went through.. to be able to help these women! I find women almost daily with hormone problems here, no joke! I love being able to help them any way that I can, because I know how it feels to feel so helpless and depressed. I know God has such huge plans in this area, and I'm excited to see how. 

Just talking about all of this makes me so fired up and excited to see how the Lord will use me to disciple, teach a skill to earn money, or helping women with their hormones. But, I can not do or continue any of these things without monthly support, I do not enjoy asking for money..but the reality is I will not be able to help these ladies with their hormones if the money isn't there and I wont be able to continue to grow and disciple these ladies if I dont have the fund to continue to stay and support my ministry. Even thinking about how many things I am going to start needing to have money for stresses me out. I am going to start needing to raise money to buy a car, needing to have funds to help these ladies that can't support themselves to get help with there hormones.. etc. As of right now I have around $800 of monthly support but I am needing to raise around $2,000 or more to be able to fund everything I am needing to fund. Living in Central America is not cheap and I am trying my best to make do for now but it's not enough for everything God is presenting. Please, Brothers and Sisters.. I would ask that you please pray about financially helping through monthly support towards my Women's Ministry here in Honduras. It can be $20 a month or $100 doesn't matter, the $100 would be pretty awesome though haha. I hope you see how God is moving and working and I hope you see my heart. 

Please if you read this blog through FB please go and share it and get the word out! Also, I have a FB ministry page, where I post pictures and statuses quite frequently to try and update supporters and others on what is new and how God is working! Go LIKE and SHARE. 
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Thank you for taking the time to read, please be praying! 


Morgan Feazel

Monday, April 13, 2015

Back in Honduras!

 Being back in Honduras has been an exciting and challenging time in my life, I ask for your prayers more than ever. I desire so strongly to lead these ladies Biblically, and disciple them. I am quickly seeing that these ladies expect a relationship with the Lord to be handed to them on a silver platter, and not have to put in any time or effort. Biblically it doesn't work that way, I can't continue to keep them accountable and push God's word in their face. They have to want it for themselves, they have to desire to study Gods word for themselves and desire a deep and intimate relationship with our Father. I know that a lot of work and challenging and testing times are ahead of me, in leading these ladies Biblically. I know God will lead me, and give me the wisdom I need to do so. That is why I ask for prayer, prayer in wisdom and discernment in knowing God's word and being obedient. 
Since I've been back, during the week I am able to do ministry with our Ignite staff, where we are able to go to different villages during the week and have home Bible study groups and share Gods word in public school and teach english. Teaching english has been a whole new experience for me, but it has been fun as well, hearing those sweet kids try to say "what's your name?" is so cute. Another blessing is getting to know our Ignite team better, and seeing their hearts for the Lord, and desire to serve. It is exhausting going from village to village but they are faithful and have embrassed me into their group with open arms. 
This past Wednesday I had an amazing opportunity to speak to a young lady that was involved in my women's group last year and is involved in the Piliguin church. Her name is Wendy and she has a tumor behind her face, and she has already had surgery once to have it removed, but it has retrurned and is starting to spread into her brain. She is only 15 years old, but I have no doubt that God has a plan! I went to her house Wednesday evening to speak with her before church service..being in her home, with the candle light, being able to talk with her in spanish, was very moving and I knew God was present. I told her that I knew how she was feeling, I know how it feels to go through times in your life where it's hard not to get so angry at God and ask WHY?! Why me? Why are you allowing this? When I said those things to her, it's like a light bulb went off, where she knew exactly what I was saying and was experiencing that. I was able to speak truth in to her life, and tell her she has a fork in the road in her life.. she can use this tumor in her life to make her angry and distant from God or use it to fall before Him and say I trust You no matter what and to grow your relationship with Him. I saw a passion for the Lord in her eyes that I have never seen before, and I know God is not done with our relationship yet. I am excited to see what He does! I so desire to see her become a victor over this challenge in her life, and not a victim, but I told her I can't push God or growth in her face.. she has to want to grow and lean on Him. I desire to see God first in her life, and rest in Him, but unfortunately I can't make her. So please, be praying for Wendy.. That God will reveal himself in her life in such a real way, and that she will desire our Father the way God desires her..and puts her trust fully in Him! 
Now that I am back I am already seeing a lot of silly female drama amongst the ladies, and I know that is to be expected..but it's still very hard to deal with, so I ask for prayers with that as well, that I am able to handle it in a Biblical way. 
Next Saturday we are starting my Bible study groups back in the two churches that I led last year, Piliguin will be at 2 on Saturdays and Coralitos at 5, so if you think about it say a prayer please during those times. Also, during the week Nancy and I are planning on going to visit it ladies at their homes, and ladies of the villages to have a better understanding of where they come from and who they are on a more deeper level, which that is something I am very excited about. 
As I believe I have mentioned before, my hormone doctor is still planning on coming down this year, possibly in September.. to lead a women's conferences and educate the Honduran women on Hormones and Hormone Imbalance. This is something that I have a huge passion for and I am very excited about being apart of and God allowing me to host it. The planning is already being set in motion for the events. 
As you know I can't do or continue any of this without monthly support, and like I have told many people.. I wish I could do without the need of money, I hate asking for money, but I know God will reveal my heart to people and my needs to them. God will provide, and I trust that! Living by faith financially is not an easy thing, but I know God will honor me for being faithful when I see Him face to face. So, I ask if you are looking to be faithful with the money God has blessed you with, I hope you pray about possibly helping me. As I said my hormone doctor is coming down, and the ability to help these ladies with their hormones comes from you, I can't help any of these ladies without the funds, or I can't drive to go visit it them if I dont have the funds for gas, and eventually I will need to buy my own car here.. As you can see the need is HUGE! Please just pray about it, and pray protection against the enemy, and that I keep my mind heavenly bound. 
As of right now I am about 40% of the way there to what I am needing in monthly support, and if you feel led to help me get to 100% please don't hesitate to do so. Thank you for reading, and praying! 
I have a FB ministry page that I ask that if you haven't gone and liked it, please do so, it is a quick and easy way to get updated on ministry here in Honduras. 
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Update and Prayer Requests

Well, this gal is happy to announce that she is leaving for Honduras March 25th to start her ministry, and I am absolutely thrilled. I can not believe that God is using me to impact these women's lives for the Kingdom. I have already experienced and seen God working in me to prepare me for what is ahead, and I'm not even in Honduras yet. This process of raising support has challenged me in many ways, God has given me the opportunity to practice what I preach and live by faith. God is teaching me discipline and a sound mind. I have no doubt that God had a reason for me not going back to Honduras as soon as I desired, God has been building me up into a stronger woman Spiritually and Emotionally. The realization that when my head leaves the pillow every morning I am living by faith that God will provide my needs financially, that is not an easy task my friend. The verse that says the devil prowls around like a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8) is no joke, He does not want me to succeed as a strong Godly woman, or with my ministry or even my relationship. That is why we are warned to be alert and sober-minded. Something a wise woman told me recently, the enemy can only taunt you as much as you allow. You have the blood of Jesus on your side, and you have the power to rebuke him, in God's name! God has been showing me my self worth, and slowly changing my point of view on myself and with life in general. He is building up a woman who desires to love Him more than herself, more than her man, more than her family. Doesn't He call us to love Him above all else? 
These past couple of weeks I have been blessed with meeting some amazing people who have extended their prayers and donations for my ministry, I am so thankful God put them in my life. Their is nothing more encouraging than having somebody who tells you they support what God has layed on your heart to do. It is very easy to get discouraged and feel like nobody cares, but I know that is from the enemy. 
I have set up a meeting with my two lovely Honduran ladies who work for Ignite and have a passion for women's ministry, they both speak fluent spanish and english, which helps me when their is a spanish word I do not know. During the meeting we will have the opportunity to pray together, and discuss our ministry goals and desires for this up coming year. I can not wait to see what God has in store for 2015. 
Now to the prayer requests, I have many that I ask that you please pray for. Please pray for wisdom and discenment while God uses me to lead these ladies. Like I said before the enemy does not want success so please pray for protection against the enemy. I wish I could go to Honduras, and be Gods Disciple without the need of money, but that is not possible. So, please pray over my financial needs, and my trust in that area. Also, as you know I have struggled with hormone imbalance, and part of that includes Hormone supplements that I have to take to make sure my hormones stay level. Going back to Honduras means that I need to buy those supplements in bulk to have while down there, but financailly I do not have the money to pay for it, I am trying to trust God to provide the money. It is very needed, and can get pricey quickly. If you feel like you would like to help me financially with this need please email me or message me through facebook. Your prayers are so important, and having prayer warriors is most comforting. So, thank you in advance for your prayers.
I would also like to share that I am starting a Ministry Campaign where I am trying to get 100 people to support me just $25 a month. A lot of people think when I say support they think a lot of money, but anything helps. If you feel like this is something you would like to be apart of please click on the sign up link I attached below and set up your account with SecureGive. If you have any questions please messaged me, my email or cell number is below. 
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Morgan Feazel
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Story, Gods Ministry!

 I wanted to write this, to share my ministry, my story and my heart with you. My parents are the founders of Ignite Missions, and I lived nine years in Honduras. I basically grew up on the mission field, and Honduras has always had such a close place in my heart. When I turned eighteen I knew it was time to move back to Tennessee and go to school, to pursue a career in Cosmetology. While moving back, and starting a new life, I got extremely stressed. Without realizing my stress was getting worse, I started noticing I was very depressed. I suffered with a Hormone Imbalance for three years without knowing a hormone Imbalance was the cause of the depression, anxiety, sleepless nights, uncontrollable thoughts, and constant tears. It was a very hard three years for me, and I cried out to God daily, for deliverance. I always questioned God, why He allowed this to happen to me, and why He wasn’t taking it away on my time. In 2013 my amazing mother and I found a Hormone Doctor who got me tested and God used her to save my life and answer my prayers. During this time of hardship, I desired a woman who was spiritually sound, and passionate about Christ that could disciple me. I want to be that woman that will speak truth into a woman’s life and point them to Christ.
This past year God opened the door for me to be able to work the summer in Honduras, and two weeks into being in Honduras I had the opportunity to lead a women’s Bible study group. While leading this study, God showed me the need for women’s discipleship in Honduras. There women need growth, and need Gods truth spoken into their lives. That someone needs to show them that they have a living God inside them, and they can do all things!  God said that’s me, God has called me.
My ministry plans are to primarily focus on discipleship for the women in the villages. God calls us to go out and make disciples, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. I plan on making relationships and speaking truth into their lives and being Biblical about it. I plan on going from house to house and getting to know the women of villages and meeting them where they’re at, not expecting them to come to me. This past summer I had a blessing of being able to help a young woman with her hormone imbalance in a village called Piliguin, her name is Kelin. My hormone doctor Rhonda Robinson, has decided to partner with me in providing help in being able to help these ladies in Honduras. She has also decided to come down to Honduras this coming year to host a women’s conference to educate these women on hormones and hormone imbalance. 
With your monthly donations your month will be leading women to Christ, discipling women to be women of dignity and strength, funding their everyday needs. (clothing, food, etc), hormonal help, and healing, transportation for the women, and so much more. Your donations will also be providing living, helping my everyday living expenses, food, transportation and so much more so I can live there and fulfill Gods calling on my life. Please pray about supporting my ministry monthly, and pray Gods protection over me personally and my ministry. There is an enemy that desires nothing more than destruction and ruin, so please pray for protection. I wish I could do this without money, but I can’t and that is where you come in. Thank you for reading this, and if God lays it on your heart to support, please be faithful in doing so.

Morgan Feazel
Ignite Missions 
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States Number-615-281-7117
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Friday, January 9, 2015

A New Year

 I hope you have had a wonderful New Year so far, and I can't believe it's already 2015. I am very excited to see what God is going to do through me, my Women's Ministry and Ignite Missions this year. This process of raising support and speaking in front of people has grown me spirtually, and emotionally in so many ways. God has gotten me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, and shown me I can't live in that comfort zone, and I dont want to. 
This year my primary ministry goals are to continue to grow my Women's Bible studies that I have already started, and to grow my relationships with the women in those two villages. I am wanting to fly back to Honduras January 20th, but I am needing to raise more monthly support for my ministry, so I may need to postpone that date, until I am able to raise the right amount of funds. During this process I am learning to trust God with everything, and trust His timing. I am needing to get in front of different groups of women to speak, and share my heart and ministry, and if you feel like this is something that you think you can make happen for me, please contact me. I can not wait to get back to Honduras, and to see what God does for these women! 
Kelin Update: 
If you were able to read my last blog, I had the privaledge of helping one of the women in my Bible study groups with her hormone imbalance. My hormone doctor was able to donate natural progesterone cream, for me to get to her, which was about a month ago. I just spoke with her the other day, and she told me that she has been feeling amazing, and she has noticed considerable difference. I can not express enough how happy that made me! My desire within my ministry is to educate the women on this issue, and to provide help, after the issues I have had I never want somebody to go through what I've been through. God is allowing me to be apart of helping the Honduran women in all different areas, and I can not wait to see what He does. 
If you or anybody you know might have a group that you think would be good for me to speak with regarding my heart, and ministry please contact me, or if you feel led to support my Women's Ministry monthly, please contact me as well. I would love to meet with anybody to talk one on one about my ministry and heart! God is faithful, and I know He will provide the support and people in my life that need to be there! Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day. 

If you would like to email me, my email is

Also, here is the direct link to SecureGive to set up an account to start supporting my ministry monthly.