Saturday, August 30, 2014

Walk by faith not by sight.

  I would like to begin writing this blog by explaining why Honduras has such a very special place in my heart, when I was only eleven years old my parents got called to ministry in Honduras. I was too young to really know what a huge leap of faith that was, I just thought I was going to get to see monkeys. So, my parents started raising support to be able to live in Costa Rica for a year with all us kiddos and learn Spanish. Sounds crazy right? Well, my whole family packed everything into suitcases and left on an adventure that would change our lives forever. About nine months later we eventually started catching on to spanish, and left Cost Rica ready to embark on a new adventure in Honduras. 
 When we finally arrived in Honduras, we were working with a ministry called BMDMI (Baptist, Medical, Dental, Missions, International). My dad was very busy with hosting teams week after week, and my mom was busy homeschooling us kids. We have so many amazing memories together as a family, and have seen God move in Mighty ways. I will elaborate on Gods Mighty ways in another blog someday, but for now lets talk about 2008, the year where God moved our lives in an amazing direction. That year God called my parents to start their own ministry in Honduras, called Ignite Missions. Ignite Missions is a non-profit organization, we host teams from the US to come down and serve the wonderful people of Honduras and spread the word and love of God. 
 So, lets skip ahead about two years in 2010 when I decided to move away back to Nashville, Tennessee and go to school. That was a very hard decision for me, my heart has always been in Honduras and I knew I did not want to leave. After graduating, I started working and had a normal American life style but I still didn't feel like it was where I was meant to be. My whole life I have always had a passion for women, to help women grow in their dignity, strength, and to know who they are in Christ. I've always known in my heart I was going to be apart of some kind of ministry someday, but when I was a child I never thought I would be a missionary in Honduras. It's crazy how God works, and how God brings you back. 
 This year has been an incredible year for me, God has opened doors, and spoken to me in many different ways. Since I've been here in Honduras, I have been leading a womans Bible study and it has been such an incredible, and humbling experience. Having the opportunity to walk with these ladies where they are at and be able to love on them has made this summer such a eye opening time in my life. I truly desire to continue and grow my ministry with the women in Honduras. I am planning on coming back next year to continue my Bible study and grow my womans ministry, and to help my parents as much as I can. Walk by faith not by sight is easier said than done, it is a lot easier to have a regular paying job, and make your own income. I am trying my hardest to daily trust God with my support, and so many other things. I ask for prayer during this time in my life, where God is moving and changing so many things. Thank you for reading my first blog, I hope you enjoyed it. 

Morgan Feazel
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