Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ignite Fundraiser

 Typing in a bouncing car while headed to our next fundraiser is not easy. While sitting here in the back seat and reflecting on this past week, I would like to share with you the blessings from these Fundraiser events and disapointments. 
I would like to begin by expressinng how thankful I am that I get to be apart of an event such as this, and thankful for all the people have helped make each event happen, and allowed us to stay with them. One thing I am realising during these events, is God is truly asking me to get out of my comfort zone by speaking infront of large amounts of people. I desire to be obedient to what God is asking of me, but it has not been an easy thing for me, and still isnt. I desire to have my Father smiling down on me, saying well done my good and faithful daughter. So, every event that we have had I have had the oppotunity to speak and I pray the people saw my heart and mission. My Father, and our other missionary (boyfriend) Coy, did such an amazing job at speaking, they have such an amazing gifting of speaking infrtont of others, and my Mother, wow that woman is so talented and we could not have these events without her. 
Our first Fundraiser event was in Orange County, Cali. What a blessing those people are in my life, I absolutely love them, and thankful to call them friends. The Second event was in Shreveport, LA. Wow, is all I can say, that even was so beautiful, and very well organized. Thank you all who helped. Third event was in South MComb, MS Evan Akins and his adorable wife Julie, wow I love them. They are always so kind, and loving. I am very blessed to have Julie and Evans friendship. We are thankful for y'all and allowing us to have an event in your church. Fourth event was in Franklinton, LA. What a blessing to have friendship such as Dale and Margie who open up their house to us, and help us in such a huge way with our event, and the event was so lovely. Now, as I said I am in a bouncing car headed to our last event which is in Houston, TX. 
During these events God has blessed me with a way to make some extra money for my ministry, I am selling Organic Honduran coffee soap, and wow people love it. I am so thankful about that, it's all God. I use the soap, and I love it, that is how I know they will be satisfied with their purchase. I am still in need to sale more soap, I would love to get this soap off my hands, and sale ALL of it, if you would like a wonderful Christmas gift, some awesome soap is an option. If you would be interested in buying some soap, please contact me by email or through facebook.     
My need from this tour was more monthly supporters, so that I can return to Honduras in January of this coming year, God has put some encouraging people in my life during these events, but I am still in need of more funds. I am needing to raise $2000 of monthly support to be able to fund my ministry and me personally. I am trying to remember to trust Gods plan during this time, and believe that if this is His will for my life that the funds will come. Please pray about partnering with me while God uses me to help the women of Honduras by supporting me monthly, God has blessed you with the funds that you have, and if you feel God is laying it on your heart to support my calling please follow through with that. Or if you are already supporting me, and you feel God is saying to raise your monthly support be faithful to what God is saying. I wish I could do everything God is asking of me without ever having to see money, but I can't and I know I have to ask and pray God moves in your hearts and you see my heart. Also, if you have any kind of womans Bible study group, or anything that you feel I could share my ministry with and my heart please email me or message me on facebook. God is moving and He has a plan. 

Thank you for reading.

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