Wednesday, May 25, 2016


 Well hello,
thank you for taking the time to read my ministry blog update. I hope you are doing well, and life has been great these past few months. Life has been good here in Honduras, except the fact that we need rain in a serious way. This is usually the rainy season right now, but we've had 0 rain. So, needless to say we are in serious need of water here. We have been praying that the rain will start up soon, and we know God will provide. Besides the rain problem, everything has been smooth sailing here. Coy and I are so blessed with a cute little house of our own, and we are near Ignite's mission house. Another blessing we are realizing is having family in this country, we have been able to do various game nights with my parents and we get to cook for them, so that has just been a huge blessing for us.

Ministry has been going very well, and God is just guiding me with what I should do. To start I would like to share my schedule. Saturdays, I have a women's Bible study group in the morning in Corralitos (which is right down the road from my house). Then, in the afternoon I have another Bible study in Linaca, which is about a 45min. drive. Monday's, I have a Bible study in Trojes (right down the road from my house also) in the afternoon. On Tuesday's I have a workout class in Trojes in the evening. I am currently in the process of starting a English class in Trojes, which the women are very excited about, please be praying for me about that..I have NEVER taught English before. On the days that I don't have anything scheduled (yet) I go and visit ladies and invest in their lives, which is my favorite part. Also, If I have a free day and I am not busy I am blessed to help and support my husband with his men's ministry in whichever way that I can. My mother has been accompanying me to my women's Bible study groups, which has been a blessing having her involved as well.

Saturday's Bible study in Corralitos has been a blessing in my life. When I first started ministry there, it was very hard and frustrating. I wanted to give up, but God told me to keep going, so I did. Then, my church from TN, the Bridge wanted to come down and start women's ministry. So, I shared that I would love for them to start ministry in Corralitos, and they did! They arrived May 9 and left on the 14, but wow did God move that week. Sharra Wilson, the Pastor's wife, spoke the entire week of Gods truth, and through the week, the group grew, and grew. I couldn't believe it. God used that team and church to encourage me in so many ways. At the end of the week we had about 15 women attending and also had a salvation, her name is Alejandra, and I am about to start meeting

with her weekly! After, that week my Bible study has been just such a great thing, and ladies come hungry for Gods word and truth, I am very excited! Please pray over this group, and their growth in desiring more of Gods gracious truth!

The group on Saturday's in Linaca, we meet in a lady called

Angela's house, because she is very pregnant and has a hard time coming to us so we go to her! I have about 5 consistent ladies in this group, and I love every one of them! They always desire such deep conversation, and study of God's truth. We are currently doing a study called Conquer Fear, Capture Faith, not only has it blessed their live's but mine also. These ladies continue to amaze me
with their hunger, and openness. Their is one lady, who's name is Iris, who I can tell is going to be my first disciple in that village, and has the makings of a great leader in her community. I am excited for what the future holds with her! Please be praying over Linaca, Iris as well, and Angela's pregnancy.

My Bible study on Monday's in Trojes, is very close to my heart. Trojes is the village to where I really focus most of my discipleship energy right now. The Bible study is in the lady that I disciple's house, who's name is Andrea. Andrea has been more of a blessing in my life and ministry than I can express. She has such a heart for God's love and truth and for reaching these ladies for Christ! I am so excited to see how God uses me to grow her and prepare her. We are currently reading through Romans in our study, and these ladies love studying God's Word together. I have about 6 women that attend, hungry for God. Please be praying over my discipleship in this village with Andrea, and also Kelin. Be praying over my Bible study every Monday, that God will use it to burn a passion in these ladies and equip them to lead and serve. Thank you!

Also, Please be praying for me, my ministry and my husbands ministry as well. Be praying is continues to always be God centered, and God honoring! Please pray we rely on Him more and our strength less and less. Thank you, and have a wonderful week!

-Morgan Davis