Monday, June 5, 2017

Ministry Update for April and May

Hello from Coy and Morgan Davis, 
an update can sometimes be hard to give, because so much happens in a month or so. But, I will try my best so that you can know what's new and what God is doing here in Honduras!

Our baby continues to be healthy and grow, Morgan is about the start her third trimester. If you have facebook, I'm sure you have seen that our baby is a boy, and will be a Junior. So his name will be Coy Houston Davis Jr. but we will call him Houston. We are very thankful that things having be going smoothly, and little Houston moves all the time, which the doctor says is a good sign. We are having our baby here in Honduras, so our child will be a Honduran citizen, and US citizen, our hospital is very nice and we love our doctor. Coy and I are very excited and pray often over little Houston, and the Godly man we hope he will be, we also pray God will guide us in being the best Godly parents we can be. If you would like to help Coy and I with baby needs please go to think link Babies are not cheap, so any help will be a blessing!


The last few months have been very busy and exhausting for Coy, from finishing the pastors home/house church, finishing up all the wood from the trees he purchased last year, and now he's working daily on finishing our personal home before our baby arrives, but don't worry I will go in to detail about everything. 

Beginning of April Coy was thrilled to be finished with Pastor Davids personal home/house church in Buena Vista. Thanks to Coy's Mens group from NC who came down in February, he was able to finally get it all finished. Now David and 
his family have moved in, and are starting weekly church serves in the house. God has used Coy's gifts in a mighty way to grow the Kingdom of God in Buena Vista! Please be covering this house church in your prayers. 

Finishing the trees had challenges, as we quickly learn here in Honduras that rarely things go smoothly or as planned. Coy was able to find a man who owned a sawmill, to get all the wood ready for building our personal house and building roofs for others in the future. A couple of days in to using the sawmill, it decided to start not working and cutting uneven boards. That took awhile to get fixed but eventually we were back on track, it took a total of 2 weeks to finish all the trees that were left. Coy had to hall all the cut boards to the ministries bodega to dry out, his shoulders were raw, he worked so hard! At the end of it all, Coy was able to 
bless several people with scrap wood to use for building 
outhouses, or burning for cooking dinners. Getting the 
trees done was a huge relief for Coy and happy to see it
 how God will bless it not only through building people roofs. 

Our personal home is a huge need, for two reasons. One, because the house we are currently renting now, is horrible and we are needing to get out! So, the sooner are able to get out and get settled in our new home, will be a huge blessing! Two, because little Houston is coming FAST, September will be here before you know it, and we would love to be settled in our reliable home before our son arrives. So, Coy has been working from 6a.m. till 6p.m. everyday, to try to make that happen. The rainy season has started early this year, so working in the rain has been a challenge. Because of the rain we have been having issues with mold, so if you could be 
covering this issue in your prayers please. God continues to give Coy opportunities to invest in men, no matter what he does, having 3 men work alongside Coy since he's started on the house. God has given him many opportunities to have wonderful conversations with these guys about Jesus. 
It has been a blessing and a challenge, some of the guys are eager to grow in their walk with the Lord and others not so much. Please cover Coy in prayer as we continues to invest and love on these guys! The roof should be going up on our house this coming week, and we are hoping to finish the house by mid August. 


As the baby grows more and more each week, it's getting harder for Morgan to fill her day with too many things, if she does she finds herself absolutely exhausted. So, this past month of trying to find balance in taking it easy and continuing to do what God has called her to do in Honduras! These past months discipleship has had it's high points and low points, but God never said it would be easy, right? 

Morgan is continuing discipleship with Corrina, a young lady from Corralitos, they meet every Thursday. God has revealed to her that Corrina is ready to disciple other ladies in her village. God closed the door on continuing discipleship with Valeria in Corralitos, but God showed Morgan that Corrina needs to be the one to disciple Valeria. We are eager to see God work and move in Corrlitos. Corralitos has been a difficult village at times, so please cover Corrina in prayers as she moves forward in being God's light in her village and As Corrina and Morgan move forward in their discipleship pray God gives Morgan wisdom. 

God has been laying in on Morgans heart to start 
focusing more on discipleship in Tatumbla where 
Morgan and Coy are building their home. Iris who she has been disciplining for about three months now is continuing to mature and grow, and they are currently studying about Evangelism. This coming week Morgan is also starting discipleship with Veronica, a young lady who has been attending the weekly Bible study group Morgan hosts every Saturday in Tatumbla. Morgan meets with Iris every Wednesday, and Veronica is still deciding what day she can commit to. Please cover these precious ladies in your prayers, as the enemy does not like to see Godly leaders or women rise up, so the enemy will try to fight but God is bigger! 

Every Monday morning Morgan has started a discipleship training with her Aunt, who lives in Louisiana through video chat. 
God opened this door wide open for Morgan to be 
able to mature in her walk 
and be better equipped for what God has 
called her to do here in Honduras! 
She is very excited to start using what she is learning, 
and see how God will use it to grow her and the ladies. 
Cover her in prayer as she is continues to dig deep 
in to this 11 lesson discipleship training. 

If you are interested in know more about Coy and Morgan's ministries or how you can partner with us financially go to: 

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Updating is hard, because you don't know where to begin. Which is a good problem to have, because God is doing so much here in Honduras! It's hard to keep up, however I will try my best to update you as best as I can! 

The pictures that you see above are from the ladies Bible study I have every Monday afternoons! My mother and I started giving rides to the ladies who live down the mountain in Piliguin and take them up to Trojes. We do this so that the ladies can have fellowship among their sisters in Christ. We have been going through the book Search for Significance by Robert McGee. I can't even express how much the ladies have loved going through this book, I have NO doubt God put this book in my path so that I can go through it with them. The things the ladies share with the group about how God is working in them is AMAZING! Please be praying God continues to grow these ladies in their understanding of who they are in Christ. The ladies here are ready to start their own ministries, the leaders among the ladies in this group are taking charge and continuing the study on their own and starting discipleship in their village. I'm excited to see how God moves in Piliguin and Trojes. These ladies are motivated to spread God's love and disciple and equip other ladies for the Kingdom of God! 

Corralitos has been a challenge since day one, but God has given me the strength to carry on and I'm starting to see why. I believe I shared in the last update that Valeria and I have been meeting twice a week, and have been reading through Luke. Valeria, loves studying God's Word and loves learning new things. I am excited to see the Lord use her in mighty ways, and start to disciple other ladies. Please be in prayer for this young lady, she struggles with laziness, which does not give God honor. Please pray she is motivated to serve the Lord whole hearted and honor's Him with how she serves and study's His word. 
Every Friday I have a group Bible study with Valeria, and Corrina. We are reading through Search for Significance also, and they have been really loving it. God has been challenging them in their walks, and their understanding of who God is. Nancy will be continuing these studies with the ladies while I am away to the States for a little while.  

I have a very large prayer request. In this picture above is a young lady named Emily that me, Andrea, and her husband Omar are visiting and praying over. This young lady has a problem in her liver and the doctors here in Honduras has told her she will die within 6 months if she is not sent to a specialist in the States. God has given me the opportunity to try to help her with getting to the USA. Their are ministries that help cases like this get people to the States for emergency surgeries. Please be praying God heals this young woman, and if that is not the Lord's will to provide the opportunity to get the States for surgery. Please be covering her in prayer for her situation but also for her relationship with the Lord. Also, be covering her mother who is standing behind us in the picture. She is a single mother and works very hard to provide for her three children, let alone for all the bills to her daughters situation. 

I am happy to announce that I am leaving this coming Tuesday, Oct. 11th, to TN to help my younger brother get married! Also, my husband and I will be traveling around visiting people to share our ministries that God has given us so they can know what God is doing! If you would like to get together with me or both of us while in the USA, please email me and I would love to find a time to get together. I know the Lord will provide the needs we have to continue to living here in Honduras and continuing our ministries. Please contact me if you are interesting in knowing more or just would like to catch up, we love both! 


Morgan Davis
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Life here in Honduras!

Ministry here in Honduras has been a journey, but a good journey. Women's ministry is sometimes difficult but in the long run it's so worth it. These past couple of months have been such a whirlwind, and very busy. Team season with Ignite was wonderful, so many wonderful people came down to serve. So great seeing the body of Christ work together for the Glory of God, and seeing the ladies here growing in God's truth.

God has been moving and molding the Women's ministry God gave me this year in so many ways, and I'm so excited to see the ladies here growing in God's truth and Word. I am so thankful for what God teaches me on a daily basis, and what God reveals to me through His word and the ladies He puts in my path.

Every Thursday I meet with a young lady named Valeria from Corralitos, she has been a believer for about 6 years and came to me to start meeting for discipleship. The way this young ladies face lights up when she learns something new about our Savior is so incredible. Please be praying for Valeria, God is working so much in her life, and she has a lot of tough choices to make if she desires to be obedient to God. Be also praying for me as I continue to disciple her in God truth, that I am lead by the Holy Spirit and remain Biblical in everything I do. We have been reading through Luke together and I have been trying to shower her how to study God's word, and not just read it. It has been such a rewarding process seeing God grow her, and use me. Every time we meet I remind her of what God expects of her through discipleship, and I am excited to see her find a young lady who is hungry for God also. I currently feel the Lord laying it on my heart to start meeting with her twice a week to start digging deeper in God's word together, please be praying over this process and discipleship with Valeria. I am very excited to see how God is working!

Every Monday afternoon my mother and I pick up ladies from Piliguin and drive them up to Trojes to have a ladies Bible study group with all the ladies of the church and villages. We have been going through the book Search for Significance all together, and wow have they been loving it! It's been so wonderful seeing them grow in God's truth in who they are in God weekly. If you haven't read this book, please do it"ll change your life. The way these ladies open up and share how God is moving in their lives is so encouraging to hear. We are currently on chapter 5 which talks about Approval
addict, which talks about how we believe Satan's lie of needing people's approval vs. God's full approval. I'm excited to see these ladies grow and get challenged as they dig deeper in God's truth, I
know God used this book to really open my eyes to seeing how many lies I believed in my life and how I could apply God's truth. God laid it on my heart to share this book with the ladies here, and I'm excited to see how God is using it. I also can see that the fellowship of the group has been a blessing for these ladies, the way they pray together and confide with one another. There has been tears and a lot of laughter among the ladies, and I'm so excited to see the Body of Christ coming together and supporting and sharing together. The Lord is working in these ladies lives in so many ways. I know most of ya'll have heard of Wendy, the young lady who has been battling the tumor in her brain. Well both her and her mother are in this group and the way God has been using this group to heal them and grow them has been astounding. Their have been a lot of sharing about their struggles and tears, God has been using these ladies to help encourage them and be supportive. Please be praying for Wendy, and Elizabeth.. they have been through a lot these past years and need encouragement and prayers.

I am also meeting every Saturday with the ladies of Linaca, and we are continuing the Conquer Fear Capture Faith study, and all I can say is WOW! We have been studying spiritual gifts and they have
been loving it. One of the ladies of the group who's name is Iris is starting discipleship with youth in the villages, it's so exciting to see the ladies blossom and grow in being obedient to God's calling. I love seeing the Lord work in each one of these ladies lives and how they grow in to Godly leaders. Also, be praying over these ladies as they continue to seek God in their life and ministries.

Also, be praying over Coy and I. Ministry isn't always easy, especially in another country with another culture. Please be continuously praying over Coy and I's marriage and home. Be praying over both of our over all ministries and Godly marriage. Thank you for your continuous support, I couldn't do what God has called me to do without each one of you, you are more of a blessing than you know.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


 Well hello,
thank you for taking the time to read my ministry blog update. I hope you are doing well, and life has been great these past few months. Life has been good here in Honduras, except the fact that we need rain in a serious way. This is usually the rainy season right now, but we've had 0 rain. So, needless to say we are in serious need of water here. We have been praying that the rain will start up soon, and we know God will provide. Besides the rain problem, everything has been smooth sailing here. Coy and I are so blessed with a cute little house of our own, and we are near Ignite's mission house. Another blessing we are realizing is having family in this country, we have been able to do various game nights with my parents and we get to cook for them, so that has just been a huge blessing for us.

Ministry has been going very well, and God is just guiding me with what I should do. To start I would like to share my schedule. Saturdays, I have a women's Bible study group in the morning in Corralitos (which is right down the road from my house). Then, in the afternoon I have another Bible study in Linaca, which is about a 45min. drive. Monday's, I have a Bible study in Trojes (right down the road from my house also) in the afternoon. On Tuesday's I have a workout class in Trojes in the evening. I am currently in the process of starting a English class in Trojes, which the women are very excited about, please be praying for me about that..I have NEVER taught English before. On the days that I don't have anything scheduled (yet) I go and visit ladies and invest in their lives, which is my favorite part. Also, If I have a free day and I am not busy I am blessed to help and support my husband with his men's ministry in whichever way that I can. My mother has been accompanying me to my women's Bible study groups, which has been a blessing having her involved as well.

Saturday's Bible study in Corralitos has been a blessing in my life. When I first started ministry there, it was very hard and frustrating. I wanted to give up, but God told me to keep going, so I did. Then, my church from TN, the Bridge wanted to come down and start women's ministry. So, I shared that I would love for them to start ministry in Corralitos, and they did! They arrived May 9 and left on the 14, but wow did God move that week. Sharra Wilson, the Pastor's wife, spoke the entire week of Gods truth, and through the week, the group grew, and grew. I couldn't believe it. God used that team and church to encourage me in so many ways. At the end of the week we had about 15 women attending and also had a salvation, her name is Alejandra, and I am about to start meeting

with her weekly! After, that week my Bible study has been just such a great thing, and ladies come hungry for Gods word and truth, I am very excited! Please pray over this group, and their growth in desiring more of Gods gracious truth!

The group on Saturday's in Linaca, we meet in a lady called

Angela's house, because she is very pregnant and has a hard time coming to us so we go to her! I have about 5 consistent ladies in this group, and I love every one of them! They always desire such deep conversation, and study of God's truth. We are currently doing a study called Conquer Fear, Capture Faith, not only has it blessed their live's but mine also. These ladies continue to amaze me
with their hunger, and openness. Their is one lady, who's name is Iris, who I can tell is going to be my first disciple in that village, and has the makings of a great leader in her community. I am excited for what the future holds with her! Please be praying over Linaca, Iris as well, and Angela's pregnancy.

My Bible study on Monday's in Trojes, is very close to my heart. Trojes is the village to where I really focus most of my discipleship energy right now. The Bible study is in the lady that I disciple's house, who's name is Andrea. Andrea has been more of a blessing in my life and ministry than I can express. She has such a heart for God's love and truth and for reaching these ladies for Christ! I am so excited to see how God uses me to grow her and prepare her. We are currently reading through Romans in our study, and these ladies love studying God's Word together. I have about 6 women that attend, hungry for God. Please be praying over my discipleship in this village with Andrea, and also Kelin. Be praying over my Bible study every Monday, that God will use it to burn a passion in these ladies and equip them to lead and serve. Thank you!

Also, Please be praying for me, my ministry and my husbands ministry as well. Be praying is continues to always be God centered, and God honoring! Please pray we rely on Him more and our strength less and less. Thank you, and have a wonderful week!

-Morgan Davis

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello Supporters and Followers,
As you may know I am back in Honduras, and as a married woman. Since I've been back my life has consisted of getting our house in order and set up, which has been a very fun process but can be stressful at times also. God has blessed us with an amazing house that we are able to rent, and I can't say it enough how much we love it.

This past Saturday I had the blessing of returning to one of my Bible study groups that continued which I was away getting married, and raising support. I loved seeing how much the women have grown in the Lord, please be praying of the women of Linaca. We are still going through the Conquer Fear, Capture Faith study with them, and God has used it to only mature the ladies but me as well.

Today, I am planning on visiting Andrea, who I have been disciplining, and pray about where God wants us to start. I am also planning on visiting Wendy, the 16 year old who recently had her 3rd brain tumor surgery. Please be praying for her also, that the Lord will heal her but also use this to grow her relationship with our Savior.

Please, continue to cover me, my husband, our marriage, and ministry in your prayers as well. The enemy hates anything that gives Glory to the Lord, and we can see the enemy trying to pry his way in.

Thank you for reading this brief update, and I will post another soon!!



Monday, February 22, 2016

New beginnings, Answered prayers!

It's been awhile everybody, life has been crazy lately. As I'm sure you know I've been in the States raising support for my women's ministry. Raising support is a very trying time, and can be stressful, but I can't help the women of Honduras without funds, so it's something God expects of me. These past couple of months God has blown my socks away with His faithfulness! 

I first want to share a blessing, God has provided me a ministry car, which was my main focus being back here in the States. I could not continue to do ministry if I do not have a car to drive me around to different villages, and also I would be able to bless ladies with giving them rides. So, I prayed and prayed, and I'm not going to lie I lacked a lot of faith. I saw what I needed and saw what I didn't have, and without fail God provided. I am so excited about getting back to drive my car and start my ministry. God knew exactly what I needed, and when I needed it, I just have to trust! Thank you for your continuous prayers, and please be praying for my faith. 

Something else that has happened is God has provided Coy and I a house to rent back in Honduras. This is a huge God thing because we have been looking and looking for a place to rent after we get married in April but couldn't find anything under $700 a month, and we just can't afford that. So, I started praying that God would provide something, and God revealed His faithfulness again. Coy found a house right up the from Ignites mission house for $200 a month, yes $200 a month, God take things that seem impossible to this world and make possible! Coy has started the process of buying appliances and painting our new house, I am so excited about this new chapter. Another blessing is it's right up the road from the villages that I focus on discipleship, which is huge. I am so excited about being able to be near all my ladies, so I can live life with them. Please, I ask for prayer.. just that Coy and I will keep our marriage and ministries centered around God. Also, pray protection around our marriage, because the enemy hates God seeking marriages. 

I also want to share with you that I have a new website, it's I am very excited about this, because it's a very easy way for people to keep up with what's going on within my ministry, and support me if they'd like. All in one combo haha! So, if you would like to share my ministry with anybody, you can just take them to my website, it's all there!

God has been challenging me while being back in the States, and being challenged by God is never easy. God is growing me and preparing me to better serve Him and the ladies of Honduras, please just be covering me in prayer, and Coy God prepares us to serve Him in Honduras, and serve Him within our marriage. Also, I am here in the states till after my wedding, April 2nd, and I am looking for opportunities to share with others what God is doing in Honduras, and how people can help. If you have a women's group and just ladies you think would be interested in helping women in Honduras as well, please contact me by going to my website. Thank you, and thank you for reading! Have a blessed day

Friday, November 20, 2015

What's New!

Before I say anything I want to apologize for the lack of blog posting. It has been awhile and the only thing I can say is, it's very hard to remember to set aside time to write a blog in a busy life..but.. it needs to be prioritized better. But, wow does life fly by so quickly and I'm trying to remember everything that God has done in the last couple of months. Let's start in September.

First thing I would like to share with you, is how God has been growing the discipleship part of my ministry which is the most important part of my ministry. God has been just really been showing me what discipleship looks like and the importance of discipleship. I am very excited to see how God will continue to grow this side of my ministry. Andrea and Kelin, the two ladies I disciple in Honduras, are just so eager to learn and grow in Gods word. I feel so inadequite at times but I know God has called me and I know God will equip me. I have been challenging my ladies to really be bold in the Lord and know who they are in Christ and I love seeing the Lord grow them in this area. Andrea and Kelin are going against the grain of their culture...a culture that is very use to hand outs by missionaries, which us missionaries have created. Andrea and Kelin have started their own ministries in their own village, every Monday's they teacha  crochet class with around 20 ladies and at the end Kelins shares Gods truth from His word directly. I am so proud of them, and so happy to see them stepping up and taking leadership in this area. I remind them daily that as I am teaching them they will go out and make disciples of their own. These ladies have started a discipleship study group every Friday, they have about 1 woman that comes consistently, and I am very proud of their desire to be Biblical. Please be praying the Lord continues to guide me and lead me on how to disciple these ladies and others, and pray the Lord continues to reveal Himself to them.  

If you follow my ministry FB page you probably saw that Rhonda Robinson, my hormone doctor came down mid September and for 5 days spoke to large groups of women about hormone imbalance and we have consultations with about 100 women, it was an incredible time. These women were so eager to learn and get help, it was truly an amazing experience. The Lord has just opened a door wide open for the opportunity to provide natural hormone help, and I'm excited to see where it goes. It has been a blessing having her partner with me to better the health of these ladies, we are exteremly blessed to have her with us. After going through the hardship I went through and God bringing Rhonda into my life, I knew God was going to do something! We are now helping around 50 women from all over Honduras with their hormones, they are using natural progesterone cream, and taking natural supplements to get them balanced, can't believe God allowed me to lead this! 

Something else new that happened this past September was that I got engaged to Coy Davis, my boyfriend of a year and five months! I was very surprised and excited!!!! We are planning on getting married this coming April, and I couldn't be more excited about starting our life and ministry together. The Lord has done so much in our lives by bringing us together, we are complete opposites in every way, but God knew what he was doing because we help each other in areas that each of us struggle in. I know God has a huge plan for our lives, and marriage.

As I am writing this blog all I can think about is prayer.. 
I am sending this out seeking prayer from all who read this. A lot of change is happening in my life right now, and I am trying my best to just lean on Christ and trust Him fully with EVERYTHING! Marriage is a huge step, and I know God is giving me peace, but it's still scary..and I couldn't ask for a better man to be my husband. But I still seek prayer, protection over our relationship during this time, their is nothing the enemy wants  more is to not have a Godly marriage to please be praying strongly against the lies and attacks of the biggests liar of them all. Also be praying that we grow closer during this time, and we are prepared for marriage. Also, pray for our future marriage, just God will be the center of it all, and will continue to be center until we die. Also be praying for our ministries in Honduras, and the protection around those as well.. I have had fear the past couple of days about my money for my ministry, just monthly support and needing a car for my ministry, and I am continously reminded that God  is a God of the impossible and He can do all things, and to trust. Please pray trust over my mind and life and pray the Lord provides my financial needs. Thank You! 

Also, I am wanting to share this because it's a need. I am going to be in the states till end of January, and I am need opportunities to share my heart and needs infront of people. If you could be praying about if you think you have that exact opportunity for me, I am wanting to expand my network and get the word out at what God is doing in Honduras and how God is growing the women of Honduras, so if you feel like you can help me please contact me. God has called me to Honduras, and maybe God is laying it on your heart to help. Thank you for your continual prayer, your continual encouragment, and continual support. I'm excited for this next year and I'm excited to see what God is going to do. 

Morgan Feazel
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