Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello Supporters and Followers,
As you may know I am back in Honduras, and as a married woman. Since I've been back my life has consisted of getting our house in order and set up, which has been a very fun process but can be stressful at times also. God has blessed us with an amazing house that we are able to rent, and I can't say it enough how much we love it.

This past Saturday I had the blessing of returning to one of my Bible study groups that continued which I was away getting married, and raising support. I loved seeing how much the women have grown in the Lord, please be praying of the women of Linaca. We are still going through the Conquer Fear, Capture Faith study with them, and God has used it to only mature the ladies but me as well.

Today, I am planning on visiting Andrea, who I have been disciplining, and pray about where God wants us to start. I am also planning on visiting Wendy, the 16 year old who recently had her 3rd brain tumor surgery. Please be praying for her also, that the Lord will heal her but also use this to grow her relationship with our Savior.

Please, continue to cover me, my husband, our marriage, and ministry in your prayers as well. The enemy hates anything that gives Glory to the Lord, and we can see the enemy trying to pry his way in.

Thank you for reading this brief update, and I will post another soon!!



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