Monday, June 5, 2017

Ministry Update for April and May

Hello from Coy and Morgan Davis, 
an update can sometimes be hard to give, because so much happens in a month or so. But, I will try my best so that you can know what's new and what God is doing here in Honduras!

Our baby continues to be healthy and grow, Morgan is about the start her third trimester. If you have facebook, I'm sure you have seen that our baby is a boy, and will be a Junior. So his name will be Coy Houston Davis Jr. but we will call him Houston. We are very thankful that things having be going smoothly, and little Houston moves all the time, which the doctor says is a good sign. We are having our baby here in Honduras, so our child will be a Honduran citizen, and US citizen, our hospital is very nice and we love our doctor. Coy and I are very excited and pray often over little Houston, and the Godly man we hope he will be, we also pray God will guide us in being the best Godly parents we can be. If you would like to help Coy and I with baby needs please go to think link Babies are not cheap, so any help will be a blessing!


The last few months have been very busy and exhausting for Coy, from finishing the pastors home/house church, finishing up all the wood from the trees he purchased last year, and now he's working daily on finishing our personal home before our baby arrives, but don't worry I will go in to detail about everything. 

Beginning of April Coy was thrilled to be finished with Pastor Davids personal home/house church in Buena Vista. Thanks to Coy's Mens group from NC who came down in February, he was able to finally get it all finished. Now David and 
his family have moved in, and are starting weekly church serves in the house. God has used Coy's gifts in a mighty way to grow the Kingdom of God in Buena Vista! Please be covering this house church in your prayers. 

Finishing the trees had challenges, as we quickly learn here in Honduras that rarely things go smoothly or as planned. Coy was able to find a man who owned a sawmill, to get all the wood ready for building our personal house and building roofs for others in the future. A couple of days in to using the sawmill, it decided to start not working and cutting uneven boards. That took awhile to get fixed but eventually we were back on track, it took a total of 2 weeks to finish all the trees that were left. Coy had to hall all the cut boards to the ministries bodega to dry out, his shoulders were raw, he worked so hard! At the end of it all, Coy was able to 
bless several people with scrap wood to use for building 
outhouses, or burning for cooking dinners. Getting the 
trees done was a huge relief for Coy and happy to see it
 how God will bless it not only through building people roofs. 

Our personal home is a huge need, for two reasons. One, because the house we are currently renting now, is horrible and we are needing to get out! So, the sooner are able to get out and get settled in our new home, will be a huge blessing! Two, because little Houston is coming FAST, September will be here before you know it, and we would love to be settled in our reliable home before our son arrives. So, Coy has been working from 6a.m. till 6p.m. everyday, to try to make that happen. The rainy season has started early this year, so working in the rain has been a challenge. Because of the rain we have been having issues with mold, so if you could be 
covering this issue in your prayers please. God continues to give Coy opportunities to invest in men, no matter what he does, having 3 men work alongside Coy since he's started on the house. God has given him many opportunities to have wonderful conversations with these guys about Jesus. 
It has been a blessing and a challenge, some of the guys are eager to grow in their walk with the Lord and others not so much. Please cover Coy in prayer as we continues to invest and love on these guys! The roof should be going up on our house this coming week, and we are hoping to finish the house by mid August. 


As the baby grows more and more each week, it's getting harder for Morgan to fill her day with too many things, if she does she finds herself absolutely exhausted. So, this past month of trying to find balance in taking it easy and continuing to do what God has called her to do in Honduras! These past months discipleship has had it's high points and low points, but God never said it would be easy, right? 

Morgan is continuing discipleship with Corrina, a young lady from Corralitos, they meet every Thursday. God has revealed to her that Corrina is ready to disciple other ladies in her village. God closed the door on continuing discipleship with Valeria in Corralitos, but God showed Morgan that Corrina needs to be the one to disciple Valeria. We are eager to see God work and move in Corrlitos. Corralitos has been a difficult village at times, so please cover Corrina in prayers as she moves forward in being God's light in her village and As Corrina and Morgan move forward in their discipleship pray God gives Morgan wisdom. 

God has been laying in on Morgans heart to start 
focusing more on discipleship in Tatumbla where 
Morgan and Coy are building their home. Iris who she has been disciplining for about three months now is continuing to mature and grow, and they are currently studying about Evangelism. This coming week Morgan is also starting discipleship with Veronica, a young lady who has been attending the weekly Bible study group Morgan hosts every Saturday in Tatumbla. Morgan meets with Iris every Wednesday, and Veronica is still deciding what day she can commit to. Please cover these precious ladies in your prayers, as the enemy does not like to see Godly leaders or women rise up, so the enemy will try to fight but God is bigger! 

Every Monday morning Morgan has started a discipleship training with her Aunt, who lives in Louisiana through video chat. 
God opened this door wide open for Morgan to be 
able to mature in her walk 
and be better equipped for what God has 
called her to do here in Honduras! 
She is very excited to start using what she is learning, 
and see how God will use it to grow her and the ladies. 
Cover her in prayer as she is continues to dig deep 
in to this 11 lesson discipleship training. 

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